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INTERNET ETIQUETTE – Internal Eternal Infernal

Slide2The wise are asking for divine support always… to walk down the street, to work in the fields or at our desks, to play or pray, even simply to breath. We are asking for holy guidance, for every step that we take in this world, be it physical or through the incredible invention known as the internet.

Like any tool, it can be a great help, but to any fool, who knows where the Internet will take him and what harm he may do to himself or another person. I am speaking as someone with such unfortunate experiences.

May Allah preserve our internal, by increasing our connection to the eternal, and confounding the scheming conspiracy of the infernal, in all our undertakings and enterprises. We are asking in the name and maqam (spiritual station) of God’s Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), His Guide of Guides, His Seal of the Prophets, His Mercy to all the Worlds, and yes… even in the cyber world you may find His rahmat (Divine Mercy).

Through the Prophet (saws) and our Masters, may Allah Almighty inspire us to live in honesty and certainty, that we may traverse this life and the internet safely.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way