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Heavenly Courtesies and the Inheritors

I have not moved an inch since birth,
It is time and the world
That pass by me so quickly,
Giving the impression of movement
While in truth I have been quite stationary.

The material world is a natural world for the ego. It is designed to nurture and build our egos to pharaoh-like proportions if we are not too careful. On the other hand, this is a  world where the spirit can prove its worth, the purpose for which Allah Almighty has sent so many messengers and prophets to bring good tidings and warning for mankind, the Seal of whom is of course our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saws).

So we know that the material world is not a natural world for the spirit. Because of this the spirit contemplates physical movement many times over before committing to it, knowing well that its companion ego will take some credit. So if you think your praying movements and postures are safe, think again!

The spirit realises that of ourselves, on our own, we are unable to praise God as how He ought to be praised, unable to understand the subtle nuance of heavenly courtesies that Love demands. Barely able to even keep the rudimentary purity of ablution. So those not totally disconnected from their spirit is always looking towards Allah (swt) to guide his adab (good manners) and his condition.

The saliqas (seekers of the Truth) do this by listening to the Inheritors of the Prophet (saws). And who are they, you may ask?

122. Not Dead
Oh, my Mighty King!
I have not left my flock unattended,
I have not left any fences unmended,
I have left stars that any, if lost, may follow home.

But a cold wind is blowing,
Carrying my memories far away,
Blackness is creeping in,
And though they know how to pray,
They have left my way.

Save for my heirs and heralds,
The fulcrum of this Age,
Still toiling in their mortal cage,
Long-bearded, the white, the black and the grey,

In their hearts, evil holds no sway,
In their hearts, Your Name resonates,
In their hearts, I still live,
Not dead.

169_JPGSo seek a guide of good manners, sunshine, for surely if you ask, Allah the Most Generous shall not disappoint your thirst for heavenly courtesies, to be an adept in the Court of Divine Love, and perhaps draw an approving smile from the most beautiful of creation, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws). Galaxies of stars would be in a state of annihilation, enchanted by such a gesture.

So don’t be shy, o’ saliqa. Ask!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way