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WHAT EMPTY CUP? …pretences of emptiness & the pathfinders

IMG_20160924_211029What Empty Cup?
Indeed, my son. You must come
To us with an empty cup.

For what enlightenment can we pour
Into a cup if already full?

So first, let us crack away
At your pretences
Of emptiness.

mountain-climber-silhouette2We are cutting through the multi-layered cake that is our ego, divining its many secrets doors, pathways and disguises by which our ego captures our mind, our conscience and impersonate even our hearts. Who is to say for sure when we are free of our ego, trapped as we are in our material body and very real needs, wants and desires?

On this spiritual path, you must have a pathfinder. A ranger who will lead you through the forest of your own self-deception, protect you from witches and warlocks, give you spiritual sustenance to carry you through the hardest, driest drought. You cannot do this alone, my love. So ask God Almighty for a pathfinder, a Master of the Path (a Shaykh of the Tariqa) who can take a stubborn foolish pupil and turn his weakness into strength, his lies into truths and transform you into the best you that God Almighty and His Messenger (sws) had always intended for you.

And if along the way you find this sinner stumbling in the brush, having lost the path, call to me and help me back on right track. Lord knows His servant often errs!rain-girl

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way



THE CONSTANT LOVE. Yesterday evening my city was visited by a thunder storm, which reminded me of God’s power and brilliance. But truth be told, such thunderous display is but one example of His might, and one aurally and visually arresting. But what of His power which sustains and cherishes all of creation quiet like, without much fanfare – such as the power that animates electrons and atoms, the logic of mathematics, the very essence of light and the hidden attraction of gravity. All of which God Almighty does in an expression of the constancy of His love for His creation. Not for a moment does Allah (swt) linger or delay in His succour to us, thus why are we not just as attentive in our worship of our Lord and charity to our fellow creatures?


THE PROPHET. Surely, this is why we are called upon to follow in the sunnah (traditions) of our Prophet Muhammad (saws), in whose perfected adab (manners) we can witness a human being in a constant state of effacement to His Lord, while continuing to serve His Lord through service to His Lord’s creation. May we be reminded of our Nabi Muhammad’s loving constancy, so we may strive in our own constancy towards our beloved Lord!

SquirrelTreeTHE ALL ENCOMPASSING LOVE. God’s love for His creation is not just constant but also all encompassing. And no, not just for us silly humanity and djinn, but for everything – seen and unseen, temporal or spiritual, large or small, sentient or otherwise. Every atom, every electron, every squirrel in the tree, every bee in the hive, every pebble and stone, every sun and star, every galaxies in the night sky and beyond – all this and more are created and sustained with His divine love. And such is His Majesty than He can give His love to all without reducing one iota from His endless oceans of love!

THE GOLDEN CHAIN. This is love as is taught to the saliqas (seekers) by the Awliyas (saints) of Allah through out the ages. In a direct heart transmission of divine knowledge and adab, the  mureeds (students) of the tariqas (the Sufi Paths) are connected through their sheikhs (masters), to the mashaykhs (grandmasters) and ultimately to the Seal of the Prophets and the Master of the Saints, Nabi Muhammad Sayydina Miftahur Rahman (saws). Each interlocking chain in a golden chain that connects all of humanity from the lowest beggarly sinner to the Majestic Love, Mercy and Beauty that is our Lord Allah (swt).

25 July, 2011 2So hold me,sunshine. And don’t let go of me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way