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dreams wacomThe Way of Dreams
Dreams is not the place for
You to relax your vigilance,
Dreams is not the place where
There is no right or wrong.

So learn to wake up in your dreams
And be conscious of your actions
Lest your nightly carelessness
Follows you into daybreak
And wakefulness.

Hullo, sunshine. Notrumi has been unwell of late. It is something in the air and the wet tropical season that is causing clinics to be full of running noses and rising temperatures.

May the words and our own sickness give us greater motivation for vigilance against an enemy that is ceaseless in his enmity for the children of Adam, day or night. May we be guided from hubris, ignorance and discourtesies, awake or in our dreams.

And Now A Question – Is the prose talking about what we normally call wakefulness and sleep, or is the prose an analogy, this world being our dream state, and death our abrupt wakefulness to the truthful reality? But you know what, sunshine? I really cannot make up my mind…

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


IMG_20151202_210056In The Bed of My Earth
Beneath the powdery snow,
They think I sleep, like a seed
In the bed of my earth,
Wondering when last
I heard my heart beat,

In the bed of my earth
Wondering when last
I heard the whistling reed,

In the bed of my earth
I am asleep people say,
But in truth I am
More awake than they.

For I have lived my life in the sun,
I have drunk, sup and filled my cup,
And now as I lie in my earthly bed
I am no longer deceived,
No longer afraid,

By Courage found in a heart
That once I thought dead.

I remember reading the words of an ancient sage, advising the seeker to learn to be awake in his/her dreams. “Well, whatever does that mean?!” I remember wondering. How DO you train yourself to be awake in your dream state of sleep?

Perhaps (after all, how am I to know for sure!) this is a solution; We need to realise that our waking hours is in its essence, also a dream – a transient moment, a tangible and real world only when we continue to be captive in its mortal coil. For the truth of the matter is we spend most of our days here on planet Earth wandering as if we shall live forever, not giving heed to the Eternal. As a result, we have cobbled for ourselves a world of social networks with unsocial behaviours, increasing wealth but decreasing happiness, with a 24/7 connectivity to the world but an engulfing tide of loneliness and despair.

So… if you see me sleepwalking my way, oblivious to God Almighty and where I will end up one day, do me a favour, sunshine… wake me up and remind me of my God and my Prophet Muhammad (saws), and the eternal abode that waits us all when we awake from the dream that is this world.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way