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fat 2Angels. I fear I think too well of my prayers and devotion, “Oh, how meritorious is my deed. How blessed and honoured is my prayers! Why isn’t anyone noticing my glowing piety? Oh, yes… no one is around. But no matter, I bet the angels are giving me a standing ovation even as I am typing this.”

Thus you see, sunshine, I can entertain such strange thoughts even when I am alone in my room. My ego bringing in even God Almighty’s own angels as reluctant (and imagined) witnesses to my saintliness. Our mind often play such tricks like this on us.

Good God. So, in truth, all credit is due to God, Allah (swt). Because the original cause of all virtuous actions, all come from a single source – hinted in the English language by the very ancient and original meaning of the word ‘good’, which is of course ‘God’.

Slide1So don’t you fret if you think you have not garnered enough ‘merits’, gold medals or such rewards as the Lord Creator might deign to grant you. For the lesser you think of yourself, the poorer you realise your state, the more beloved you become in His Eyes, our Lord Sultan…

My Sultan,
Let me diminish
In Your Majesty,
Treat me as how
You treat your servants
Who have been
Proven worthy!

Not a single atom of goodly action that we do arises out of our own accord. We are simply answering His Call, for it is God’s Love that forever and always precedes our facsimile of love. Like a reflection in the mirror, we simply cannot exist without Him.

May Allah Almighty cherish and sustain us, and raise us to be dusts beneath the sandals of our Prophet Muhammad, His Beloved One and His Own Declared Mercy to the World (saws). And perhaps most importantly to us, the very reason there is a mirror in the first place. Yes, indeed. But that, sunshine, is another tale for another day.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

THE FLAME OF THE FOREST …His faith precedes my faith

IMG_20150824_184434Flame in the Forest
Everything I am,
I owe it to You,
My life, my body, my breath,
Even my colours,

In a world made grey
With weariness,
In a world made dull
With needlessness…
When I remember You,
When I place myself last
And I place You first,

Lo, I am nourished with Your Love,
Lo, I am the bright flame in the forest!

Sincerity. Sincerity is difficult to attain, and nigh impossible to maintain without His constant guidance. And to place yourself last, and God first? That is certainly no walk in the park. It is the end of the journey, it is the highest goal of servanthood. And like all quests, It will be challenged and tested to a degree that we cannot imagine.

donkeyThe Test. But however far we may progress (or not), one thing is certain. And that is God will not test us more than we can bear. So why is it then that I, your friendly sinner, continues to fail wretchedly with his little burdens?

Faith. The answer is simple, I know – It is staring me in the mirror. Because I do not know myself as well as God does. Thus, it is my constant craving to get to know myself better, this human being, this sinner in whom God appears to have such faith in.

If only I have more faith in Him. No doubt, He will show me, me. And I will begin to know Him as how He wishes to be known to His beloved servants.

Pray for me, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way