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THE TWO ARROWS – The Servant & The Lord

IMG_20170120_101006_resizedTHE TWO ARROWS
Two arrows fly from the servant,
But only one can fit the spot,
Which arrow will represent the rebellion?
Which arrow will represent the Lord?

IMG_20170112_124539_resizedAL-QAHHAR. It does not matter, you know. However stubborn our ego, however beguiling the whispers of the enemy, however well we plan our rebellion against His dictate, we simply cannot win against Allah Almighty. Just like the two arrows vying for the bullseye, only one can win the honour, and the other must, naturally, perish, annihilated utterly in the uncompromising unveiling of God in His Attribute and Divine Name of al Qahhar, the Conqueror, the Ever-Dominant.

But human nature is prone to such foolishness, and often we embark on this most futile of quests – to disobey His law, to ignore the admonishments and warnings from His prophets and saints. To what end but to guarantee our own hardship, suffering, frustration and sorrow.

May we avert our gaze from pursuing such mindless course of self-destruction. Rather, may we be guided and reassured by the Lamp of God, Nabi Muhammad Sayyidina Siraj (sws) to be mindful of His Eternal Kingdom, and approach the Divine Presence like the flight of an arrow, flying from the bow of patience and servanthood.IMG_20170311_110843_resized

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

PATIENCE PATIENTLY WAITING… meeting as-Sabūr in Ramadan

largePatience Patiently Waiting
A day is added to our life,
Will we live in truth,
Or persist in our lies?

A day is added to our days,
Will we still be in error,
Or will we change our ways?

A morning is added to our mornings,
Yet day after day after day
God is still patiently waiting…
While we sigh, pause
And delay.

The Patient People. We are quite a shameless lot, are we not, sunshine? Oh, how we make such a drama of our trials and tribulations, the passing of our friends and kin, the accidents, the failed ambitions, the broken hearts and the end of dreams. We care only of our feelings, our sense of lost, our tests. We try to be patient in the face of worldly afflictions.

21_oktober_2010The Patient Prophet. But what is our middling patience compared to the patience of the prophets? As the best of creation, it is upon their backs that the most trying tests are borne and the weariest tasks are endured patiently. And among all prophets of God  undoubtedly it is His final messenger and the seal of the prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) that stands unreachable in his station of patience.

We are His creation, this Lord God, and the created cannot encompass the Creator. But God has commanded us to worship Him, to come to love and adore Him. But how can we love what we do not know? Thus Allah has bestowed upon us our mind, the ability to inquire and contemplate His immeasurable nature – like little sands on the shore of His Holy Names, we are pondering upon His endless ocean of Attributes, all wonderful, all infinitely glorious.

The Patient God. It is in patience, that most holy of virtues that our Nabi Muhammad (saws) is in worshipful prostration to the very essence of patience that is Allah Almighty, known by one of his 99 names, as as-Sabūr, the Most Patient, the Patiently-Enduring One.

There is really no need to bring the rest of the world into our little exposition, my love. We can examine our own weakness and impiety in comparison to God’s abiding and sustaining love for us, to know that we are constantly blessed by His immeasurable patience, whatever our sinful state.

Thank you for spending a little time here in this corner of my thoughts.  Pray for me, please…

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

EVERY SUPPER IS THE LAST SUPPER… eatin’ from the Granary of God

last-supperAt His Supper Table
I am clearin’ my plate,
Lickin’ my fingers,
For each morsel of food,
Every grain of rice
Tastin’ yummy in my tummy
Is comin’ from My Lord’s own granary,
And though He Himself has no need for any eatin’,
It pleases me and may it pleases Him
That I treat each meal as one
He gave to me rather than
Himself be eatin’.

He is Real. And the longer we hold on to the illusion of His absence, the further we are from Reality, the further we are from any true presence anywhere.. a fleeting cosmic dust adrift at the furthest edge of Creation.

God is God without conditions. He is free of all necessities and is not bound to any pre-existing requirements. He does not need to rest nor eat or even breath. He is utterly unlike us, His creatures who require our Creator not only for us to be brought into existence, but to continue existing whether in the our physical garb in this world or in our spiritual form in the Hereafter.

But back to eatin’… From my ancient friend’s parable about eating at God’s table, it does appear that we are given the blessing to eat with our Creator all the time. Whether it is sucking a breath mint, catching a quick kebab at a street corner or supping with Jesus son of Mary (as).

So you see, sunshine. Every supper you eat can be the last supper. You need only remember God… and remember that even in our state of remembrance, God’s own remembrance of us always precedes our remembrance of Him. Such is our beautiful Most Munificient Lord, AllahuRahman (God Most Compassionate) and AllahuRahim (God Most Merciful), as taught to us by the Seal of the Prophets, Nabi Muhammad (saws). So… what are you waiting for, my love?

Bon appetit!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way