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artflow_201511281947The Company That I Keep
Neither here nor there,
No sweetness anywhere
Shall ever to You my Lord, compare
No praise of You, worthy
Shall leave my wanting lips
But they shall come in prose, perfectly formed
Through the company that I keep.

I am who I am with - Who we are, what we are, our worth is connected to whom we are with – To the people we share our life with, our father and mother, our siblings, our children, kin and friends. To the teachers to whom we owe so much, and to the friends that make our life joyful, even to the coffee-shop waiter where we take our morning tea. Because we are ourselves individuals, but we are also a part of a bigger world, and we take the tone and flavour of the company we keep. Fortunately, often we have the choice to stay or leave…

The Ego - But one company that we cannot escape from, and is a continuing pain, is our ego. That insufferable part of our life which inhabits our daily actions, in all our good and bad – extolling our ‘high virtue’ in our piety, while also tempting us towards common sin and the hidden error of hubris. That is the tongue of our ego, distracting and destructive upon our path towards servanthood.

Thus, may God forgive us and help us silent our ego. That we may speak to Him as He wishes, so that we may love Him as He desires, so that we may praise Him in the manner that He loves best!

10544-497-497O’ Lord, how will we find You if You do not lead us to You? And how shall we be granted this favour if we are forgetful of Your best favour; Nabi Muhammad Habibulah (saws), Your Own Mercy to all the Worlds (and Nations). Thus…

Outside Your door we wait, beggars for Your divine grace,

To sing with Your Own words, Your praise!

Do you not agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

FOR AS LONG AS FOREVER LASTS… he is the go-to guy for us

20150804123718_resizedFor As Long As Forever Lasts
When we speak his name,
A rose blooms in our hearts,
When we hear his name,
A rose blooms in our hearts,
When we hear people talking about him,
A rose will blooms in our hearts,
If we remember him after a period of forgetfulness,
A rose will bloom in our hearts,
When we talk about him,
Though his name is not mentioned,
Even then, a rose blooms in our hearts,
And each rose that blooms never withers,
Filling our heart with a garden of roses,
Whose beauty and perfume lasts forever,
For as long as forever lasts.

GO-TO GUY. He is the go-to guy for us. We, the stumbling sinful wretch, looking for a shade from the burning sun, looking for a little mercy to quench our burning thirst, he, Nabi Muhammad Habibullah (saws), he is the go-to guy for us.

GO-TO-GOD GUY. And especially to God, he is the go-to-God guy for us, we the poor sinner, without a single good coin in our purse. Beggarly beggars, certainly we are. But we are begging to be in the presence of the Anointed Mercy to all the Worlds, He who is most favoured in Allah Almighty’s vision. And in this habit, we (thankfully!) share (at least one!) habit of the good, the patient and the virtuous. So I am not good, alas, but a mere facsimile of good. And that is as best as I can aim for, sunshine, truth be told!

cat stevenPEACE TRAIN. We are going with him, sunshine. You and I. Riding on that peace train (as Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens once wrote). And even if we don’t have a ticket, we can still hide under the seat. Or above on the roof of the carriages, it doesn’t matter at all how. The only important thing is that come hell or high water, Messrs Notrumi and Friends are gonna be on that train, like the hobos and facsimiles we truly are…

…Borne upon a praise, a song, or a prayer
Resonating in a choir or a secret whisper…

Godwilling, Godloving, Godbeing…

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way