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yangtze-river-cruises-tours-06_leadingThe Ghost & Embun
I am weary, Embun
Carry me,
I am tired, Embun
Bear me away,
I am fading, Embun,
Close my eyes,
Take my pen,
Hold my hand,
For today or tomorrow
Or who knows when
I will be gone.

And when I am not here anymore,
Think well of me, Embun
And remember me before you
Close the door to all our foolish dreams,
That I resonated your name in my heart,
And sought to call you to Him
In an unbroken hymn,
Like a river of tears
Passing through the night
That alas, you did not hear.

wa min Allah at taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


artflow_201612111025_resizedLOVE ENDURES
Sometimes, the fire needs to be rekindled
Because you need light and warmth
Though it may still burn.

Sometimes, the wound must be reopened
To draw out the arrow’s head
So that love may return.

And sometimes, your heart is broken
So you may see that Love in truth endures
Wherever your gaze may turn.

wa min allah at taufiq, Heche.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

LOVE WILL FIND A WAY… the finite connected to the Infinite


Love Will Find a Way
Though your heart is made of stone,
Love will find a way,
Through whatever nook or cranny,
Love will find a way,
With what little warmth love receives,
Love will find a way,
If only you would believe…

Love will find a way.

It is interesting how people distinguish between divine love and mortal love. As if divine love is somehow a different type of love. By my reckoning, it is the same love that we have for anyone, anything and everything! What differentiates Godly love from mortal love is only a question of degree.

And even if that difference may be measured only in term of infinite degrees, that is still okay. Because we are separate yet connected. Finite yet connected to the Infinite. Connected to God and His Divine Love. And of course, happily through His Mercy, connected to one another.

Don’t you think so too, sunshine?

While you linger over such thoughts, let us dwell awhile in the  grove of happiness where the trees, the flowers and the birds themselves sing in greeting and praise of Allah Almighty and His Beloved Nabi Muhammad Habibullah (saws).

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will find a Way