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Rabi ul AwwalAt The End of This Trail
I am leaving my ‘I’ behind,
I am leaving my ‘me’ and walking empty,
I am crossing the valley
On my own two feet,
Whistling a hymn for him,
You know, my Prophet
You know, my meaning
You know, my everything,

I am leaving my cares behind,
For God says He will take care of it all,
I am leaving my lies for His truth
I am leaving my anxieties and worries,
For God tells me that He will
Take care of all that too,

On my own, alone with my Maker
Striding into being
From a place of illusion
To the place of Existence
A step at a time
A breath at a time,

With His permission
We are setting upon a journey
To our Homecoming, to Him
To our Lord Almighty, 
Where waits at the end of this trail
His Ocean of Mercy.

Dearest, here we are in the beginning of the month of Rabi ul Awwal, the month of your birth, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sws), God’s Mercy to all the Worlds, to all Nations, to all things known and unknown to us.

Dearest, we turn to you, as our teacher and master, as our commander and confidant, as our intimate guide into the sweet intimacies between the Divine and the Created. Lead us, dearer beyond measure, love us, and leave us never to the caprice of of our ego, to the temptation of our nafs (base desires) nor to the whispering of the accursed enemy and his minions.

Intercede for us, dearer than our breath, to reach our Lord Allah (swt) in the divine presence ever lasting. Bring us, my captain, to the end of this trail, to Allah’s Ocean of Mercy.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


ocean heart 2All I Want Is You

Health and wealth,
Spiritual station,
And good education,

Such needs make me turn to You,
Yet I am ashamed to ask such things,
When what I should desire
Should be plain to any fool,
And that is You…
You and no

mikapapa 2 2“What Now?!” Your father might ask, in consequence of the millionth time you approach him for money / the car keys / a lift / a guitar. Then like a bolt out of the blue you unexpectedly say, “No, Papa. I don’t want anything. I just want to sit with you. Is that okay?” How pleased your father would be, as I would be if ever such a scenario played with my own son, Mikhail.

In my highly entertaining interludes with God that people normally call ‘praying’ I have thought of such a notion – Yes, indeed, my God, I do need a bit of money to fix my car. Yes, of course, I would really like to get well soon. And yes, I wouldn’t say no to a helpful intervention in my examination / election / court case. Take your pick for whatever you think you need.

So it is a revelation when we realise that while specific prayers are good (and necessary I guess), what we truly should desire, what we ought to most persistently pray for is actually for God Himself. And not to accept any substitute, nor artificial agent or instrument. To ask for the Divine – His presence, His company, His love and the Constancy of His Compassion.

And as Allah (swt) is the Source of all virtue, strength, beauty, forbearance, empathy, compassion, kindness in the infinite and incomparable shades of His Goodness, how would Allah’s answer be to us, if He replies in the affirmative?

For that, I direct you to our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saws) in the apex of the Isra’ and mi’raj (the Prophet’s Night Journey), when he left the company of the Archangel Gabriel and passed through the final veil and into the presence of Allah Almighty.

With that last direction, I must bid you farewell, sunshine, and may God be with you always. NASA-SpiralGalaxyM101-20140505

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


IMGThe Dervish & The Ninety-Nine
Come to Love,
See how bliss Love is,

Say Love’s names
And die for Love’s kiss,

Behind the veil,
His love is tested and teased,

Through snow, rain and hail
Love feeds his heart and breaks his will,

However far the wandering trail
Walks the dervish while the world sleeps,

Exalted is Love in every forest, hill and vale
With Ninety-Nine written on his lips.

TGIF. Well, thank God it is Friday, sunshine. And thank God for you and for me, for our cat named Moses and thank God for our shaykhs (masters). Thank God for our Nabi Muhammad Sayyidina Miftahur Rahman wa Miftahul Jannah (our Prophet Muhammad, Master Key to Divinely Mercy and the Heavenly Gardens). And of course most importantly… thank God for God Himself, Allahu Rahman (God Most Compassionate) and Allahu Rahim (God Most Merciful). Even for a sinner, there is many thankings to do today. He he he. These are just 2 divine names from ninety-nine that is revealed to mankind. May we be blessed to learn and benefit from more of God’s Divine Names, in their infinitely subtle depths of meaning.

Come on, sunshine… The dervish is just a little further up the path. We must follow the perfume of love that beckons us to his saintly footsteps!

Jerusalem 2wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way