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NO IF NO MAYBE – something in the air of Persia

20151229233159_resizedLove’s Treasury in the Ocean of Mercy
If you are given the key
To Love’s treasury,
You cannot claim poverty

If you are already swimming
In His Ocean of Mercy,
Forbidden to you
Are the words ‘if only’
And ‘if maybe’.

20151229235222_resizedI have returned after a one week break in Iran, basically staying in Tehran and making short trips to Esfahan and Shiraz. After visiting the Maqams (shrines) of the sufi poets Hafiz and Ruzbihan, you may have expected words to flow like a flood. That however did not happen – On the first week of my return, poor Notrumi suffered from a lengthy fever. And on this second week, it is no physical fever that is consuming me, but something else. And it is unsettling my mind, because it is taking away from me the comfort of all the rationales, pretext and excuses that my mind has crafted for me all this while. What was it?

There is something in the air of Persia,
Among the tombs of saints and poets,
Among the enduring roses,
There is something hanging in the air
Among the curious onlookers,
Among the distraught,
Among the believers,
There is something…, I just know it.
Is that You,
o’ God?

20151229011502_resizedYes, sunshine. Comfort of a deceptive and ultimately, destructive kind. But tell that to a drug addict. So pray for me, for I am in need of your prayers and best wishes like never before. I want to quit my addiction to my mind’s reasoned excuses. No more ifs. No more maybes. wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way