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THE SECRET HISTORY OF FOOLS …about love and getting blamed

dark-room-light-through-window-hunched-man1My Secret History
I have a library of my secret history
Known only to God and me,
But know you not
That in the library
Are countless volumes
known only to God alone?

IMG_20160128_070805_resized_1Secret Even to Us. My love, we all have secrets. Some are virtues and kindness, done in quiet disguise, while many are our sins, curses and dalliance in vice. But good or bad, we would actually know most of our deeds, our acts and omissions. What we are interested in is however those errors that we have committed unaware. And it is these sins that are hidden in the secret volumes of our secret history known only to Allah (swt) while we stumble along in blissful ignorance.

Why Are We Blamed For What We Do Not Know? Such is the blessings which grace every moment of our wakefulness and sleep, in this world and in the Hereafter, that we are forever indebted to our Lord and to His Messenger Muhammad (sws). And we cannot begin to enumerate the quality nor the quantity of His divine generosity. It is because of this blessed indebtedness that we turn to Him, seeking His forgiveness not only of His blessings that we are aware of but we intentionally or unintentionally forget, but also of His blessings that we shall forever be ignorant of.

The Answer is Love. But why should we be judged for what we are unaware? That does appear somewhat unfair, yes? But did someone long ago not say “All is fair in love and war“? And eons ago we did declare our love, my friend. Like the fools that we were we declared our intention to worship and to adore Allah Almighty when there was no one and nothing else in creation that dared take that burden of choice.

Perhaps we are indeed fools. But better the fool of God than the wise of our own egos.

26062011446-2Don’t you agree, my love?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


ffsfsThe Map to the Heart
I found the map to my heart
In the path of tears
Shed by my mother,

I found the map to my heart
In the dawn route from
My home to my mosque,

Life is like that. We think we know who we are. We think we know the working and intricacies of our heart. After all, it is our own heart. But the hair on our body is ours too, yet does anybody know how many strands of hair cover our body? Even this basic information, we normally do not know. To understand your heart, you need first to find your way there.

wallpaper-2997540It is important to realise our own ignorance and meagre knowledge, for Allah (swt) is ever so generous and guiding to those sincere in their humble state as His helpless servants. For the prideful, Allah desires to give also, but they are so consumed by hubris that they cannot distinguish between divine inspiration and the trickery of their own ego. A divinely published map and a dedication bordering on bloody-mindedness to get to your destination is an irreplaceable tool to overcome the roadside distractions and temptations you will encounter in your journey. Otherwise, it’s curtains, sunshine.

But let us assume for our story that by the Grace of God, you succeed and find yourself there, in your own heart. What is there?

The Map of the Heart
And when I finally arrived,
In my heart I saw a map;
It was full of avenues, shortcuts,
scenic routes, highways, trails and bridges,
Engraved like a secret across
The plains of my heart…

A world waiting to be explored,
A heart waiting to be filled
With remembrance of

Ahad… Ahmad… Ahad… Ahmad…

May we find solace in the remembrance of God Almighty, with, through and by the blessed guidance of the Prophet of God, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). This ought not to be a foreign thing to us, it ought to be the most natural thing for us to do, just like breathing. Don’t you agree? Of course you do, my love.

226330_10150169952279023_4175171_nwa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


IMGThe Dervish & The Ninety-Nine
Come to Love,
See how bliss Love is,

Say Love’s names
And die for Love’s kiss,

Behind the veil,
His love is tested and teased,

Through snow, rain and hail
Love feeds his heart and breaks his will,

However far the wandering trail
Walks the dervish while the world sleeps,

Exalted is Love in every forest, hill and vale
With Ninety-Nine written on his lips.

TGIF. Well, thank God it is Friday, sunshine. And thank God for you and for me, for our cat named Moses and thank God for our shaykhs (masters). Thank God for our Nabi Muhammad Sayyidina Miftahur Rahman wa Miftahul Jannah (our Prophet Muhammad, Master Key to Divinely Mercy and the Heavenly Gardens). And of course most importantly… thank God for God Himself, Allahu Rahman (God Most Compassionate) and Allahu Rahim (God Most Merciful). Even for a sinner, there is many thankings to do today. He he he. These are just 2 divine names from ninety-nine that is revealed to mankind. May we be blessed to learn and benefit from more of God’s Divine Names, in their infinitely subtle depths of meaning.

Come on, sunshine… The dervish is just a little further up the path. We must follow the perfume of love that beckons us to his saintly footsteps!

Jerusalem 2wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

TASBIH # 1 – children, remembrance and other lessons of love

20150801000400_resized18. Tasbih
Last night I could not sleep,
So remembrance came to me
And I stroke the prayer beads
Named Mikhail.

Many years ago, perhaps about a decade, I recall lying in bed beside my sleeping son. Restless and sleepless, I gazed upon his visage and muttered the little I know of dzikrullah (remembrance of God by His Beautiful Names and Attributes) as well as reciting salawat (greetings of peace and prayers of blessings for the Prophet Muhammad s.aw.s. and His Family and Companions).


Oops. Did I wake you up, honey?

I felt I was not adding anything new nor doing anything particularly special or original. Just another random parent with his child, enchanted by a love passionate and visceral, in awe of the beauty predisposed upon his offspring and wondering as to its source, Allah (s.w.t.) the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

For in the late hours of the night while our children sleep, the veil between this world and the Divine appears to be lifted a little, transforming our little son or daughter into a magical lamp – through which a little of His Light shines through, mesmerising us in the warm illumination of His Divine Love for His Creation.

2012-11-24_tr_GunesDivine love is the secret sustenance that gives us the ability to face the challenges of this life with hope. It is the reward that enables us to wear the scars of our ego-battles with honour – so long as we remember we are only the servant and not the master of Divine Love. And as weak servants we are constantly craving for such Love, emanating from our beloved family and kin, our friends and teachers, even from complete strangers and foes. We say this because in our experience we have found that things are often not what they appear to be, and that the lessons of love come in many guises!

Don’t you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


My dad and me, on the Rhine.