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IMG_20170424_193306Farewell, Wedding Bells
I am what I hold in my hand, a broken heart,
I am the memories that shadow my waking sleep,
I am the tears that I cry
Since the night we said farewell
To our dreams of wedding bells
To live a life to an end
That I cannot foretell.

LIFE. All that is born must die. All that is created must have an end, every summer ends with an autumn and every life must inevitably cease. There is little argument on this point.

ENDINGS. What is debatable, and a source of great human drama of joys and sadness, passion and despair is the activity we choose to indulge in between our birth and our pallbearers. And in the consequences of a break-up, the ending of a relationship, boy, it does feel like forever. But I know this is a false forever, a fake eternity concocted up by a fevered heart yearning the gentle touch of a loved one.

GUILT. Nonetheless, in the face of such trials, we have Allah Almighty, we have His Habibullah (sws) and the inner armoury of the soul known as patience, patience and patience. So in truth, there is no competition really – for hope trumps sadness and His divine promise conquers over all our mortal failings. But being human, something in our self-blaming ego is titillated by constantly stirring the pot of our sadness, not to heal the hurt… but to drown our hope, a stillborn.

BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES. I guess guilt plays a big part of my life. But I willingly embrace my malfeasance, because interspaced between the guilty pangs are pearls of memories I cannot nor do I desire to let go off.

Memories of you, sunshine.IMG_20170424_194123

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


artflow_201612232206The Cupbearer
His cup is dirty,
Not pristine, not clear,
However fine the truth may be,
However sweet the water,
She will not take his poetry
Nor drink his words any longer.

For he is the lost seeker,
The oath breaker,
The cup bearer,
Cast aside and alone
But for his pride
So bitter.


Have care, sunshine, where you put your faith, for whatever you may plan or desire, Allah Almighty disposes of your precious arrangements as He deems fit in His All-Knowing All-wise wisdom.

In whatever you endeavour to do attend to Allah first foremost and last and do not be like the cupbearer. Consult with the One Who does not break His Divine Promises, and hold fiercely to His Sayyidina ‘Urwatu Wuthqa (the Trusty Handhold) – being our beloved Nabi Muhammad (sws). Surely, AllahuRahman (swt) will thus guarantee your success in this world and AllahuRahim (swt) will confirm your success in the Hereafter. Believe me!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

THE FLAME OF THE FOREST …His faith precedes my faith

IMG_20150824_184434Flame in the Forest
Everything I am,
I owe it to You,
My life, my body, my breath,
Even my colours,

In a world made grey
With weariness,
In a world made dull
With needlessness…
When I remember You,
When I place myself last
And I place You first,

Lo, I am nourished with Your Love,
Lo, I am the bright flame in the forest!

Sincerity. Sincerity is difficult to attain, and nigh impossible to maintain without His constant guidance. And to place yourself last, and God first? That is certainly no walk in the park. It is the end of the journey, it is the highest goal of servanthood. And like all quests, It will be challenged and tested to a degree that we cannot imagine.

donkeyThe Test. But however far we may progress (or not), one thing is certain. And that is God will not test us more than we can bear. So why is it then that I, your friendly sinner, continues to fail wretchedly with his little burdens?

Faith. The answer is simple, I know – It is staring me in the mirror. Because I do not know myself as well as God does. Thus, it is my constant craving to get to know myself better, this human being, this sinner in whom God appears to have such faith in.

If only I have more faith in Him. No doubt, He will show me, me. And I will begin to know Him as how He wishes to be known to His beloved servants.

Pray for me, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way