Gutter Beauty

20150614_080903_resizedGutter Beauty
I found her by the gutter,
Bowing down before me, a delicate flower,
And she said to me, “To contemplate beauty,
One must submit and surrender,
For one seeking true understanding, there is no way better.”

Like any discipline, science or art, there is the wrong way, the right way and the best way to appreciate beauty. And as we continue our days here on planet Earth, we are (hopefully) making our way through the different stations of adab (good manners) of appreciating beauty, towards the impossibly high (and frankly, unattainable) adab of our Prophet Muhammad (saws).

For we are assured that the maqam (spiritual station) of the Prophet (saws) is continuously rising, continuously improving, continuously nourished, sustained and raised ever higher, ever nobler, ever more beloved, simply because the Beloved (saws) is beloved by God Himself, He Who Loves best of all, who ennobles and graces His love in infinite ways and degrees.

And yet here we are, denizens of the gutter, being called by our Prophet (saws) to share in His Love – to partake from the River of Love that flows from Ahad to Ahmad, from the Loving to the Beloved.

And that is a beautiful thing to appreciate in zahir (form) and in batin (essence)!

Don’t you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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