189544_10150131906520665_605025664_6907033_1654742_nThe Affectionate Light
Nothing is certain
But the shore and the ocean,

Not the breath we anticipate,
Nor the promised date,
Not the best of plans
Ever devised by men,
Nor the sweetest promise
Beheld in a kiss,

Thus two things to me still remains true,

First, that the shore is married to the sea, eternally

And second… in my heart
It is still all of you.
Beside all of me.

And I think, my love,
That is how
I wish it
Forever to be.

Sometimes even Notrumi finds it hard to put into words, matters that are forever twitching the strings of his guitar-shaped heart.

Have a beautiful Friday, sunshine. For myself, I am waiting for an affectionate light, here deep in the forest of my Lord…

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam - Love will show the Way


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