IMG_20160124_080305_resizedLove, Come To Me
Love, I cannot come to You,
So please, come to me

Love, I cannot embrace You,
So please, embrace me

Love, I cannot possess You,
So please, possess me

Love, do not keep me waiting too long,
I am weary of feeling lonely,
Tired of wandering
Into places I do not belong,
I am through with this
World’s cold embrace,
Done with it’s promises
And it’s many faces,

Love, will You not come?


I am advised, “Notrumi, you poor fool, there you go again, straining every fibre of your being against this world, against your nafs (base desires) and your ego. Who do you think you are, to set your mettle against such foes?


Sinner Sloucher, The Sneering Sufi (that’s me, folks!)

My advisor is right, of course. Who am I? Sinner sloucher, the sneering sufi. I am done with trying. I am through with attempting the impossible. Though I have prayed and beseeched God before, now I am quite exhausted and am turning to His Help unconditionally.

So God, if You happen to be reading this… please, help me. I can do nothing without You. I cannot even remember You properly without You reminding me. I cannot praise You sensibly without You teaching me sense. So please, God. as I cannot come to you, You have to come to me. I am asking this not as myself, but through the dignity, nobility and humility of Your own Beloved, Nabi Muhammad Habibullah (saws).

Please? Pretty please?

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