TRUE LIFE – of Islam, true life, love and a cousin…

Islam, True Life and Love
Islam is no religion,
It is bigger than that word,

True life cannot be measured,
For it is longer than Time,
Extending beyond this world,

Love is a word
That you might say to me,
But it is bigger than this world
Yet it can live in your heart
No bigger than your hand
Clenched into a fist.

So speak no more, my Love
Just kiss.

He loved his old car... a Ford Escort, ancient even in the 1980s when this picture was taken.

He loved his car… a Ford Escort, old even in the 1980s when this picture was taken.

How long shall we mourn? Oh, sunshine. how many times have we died? How many times have our hearts been shattered, broken into a million pieces? How many times have we said our forlorn goodbyes to our kin and beloved friends? Only to see their faces floating in front of our heart to this very day? How long shall must we sup on this sadness?

Abg Shem2 Balqies picA Death. On 30th December 2014, I wrote in the Sinners Almanac upon the occasion of my cousin’s unexpected passing. Some people call him Zaid, others call him Ayah, or maybe Shem or Pak Shem. But I call him Abang Shem. I, like his immediate family and close friends, was totally blindsided by his unexpected death. And for months thereafter, I wanted to write about him, yet something stayed my pen. Perhaps it seemed to me, that if I do write about Abang Shem, I am confirming the finality of his ending. The closure of his story. The end of his life.

But of course, in hindsight, death is nothing like that at all, because there is no ‘The End’ to Abang Shem’s story, nor to any of our dearly departeds. Not when you have left behind many good friends and kin who will still remember your happy (and sad) times together – those whose life you touched with your humour, generosity and smile. Even in the life of one cousin who, in his younger days, was quite afraid of you. But one who can now only remember you with sighful gratitude for having a cousin like you.

That’s him alright, Abang Shem. Now continuing his true life, insya Allah (Godwilling) in the company of Nabi Muhammad(saws), his blessed family and companions, and his inheritors. May we be joined together in the future, insya Allah.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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