IMG_20151026_181514The Maze of God
The walls of my maze are paper-thin,
And the only thing that stops me
From breaking through to You, o’Love,
Is my continuing refusal to believe
That You are as how the Prophet says You to be,
As How You Yourself say You are and shall always be;

The Lord Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
Most Loving to all His servants,
However lowly, however beggarly,
However burdened with sin
Is he.

We wrong ourselves, as we often wrong others because we are barricaded in our petty bias and knowledge, our little acts of charity and piety. Knowledge which should save us, become our own chains of hubris. Admirable deeds of faith become a prison from which we are unable to escape, as our own ego takes credit for our spiritual attainments, such as they are.

If I cannot come to my God as a saint, then I shall come to Him as a sinner, if I am unable to come to Him as the good, then let me come to Him as the sorrowful and wicked, but one way or the other, come to Him I must.

I shed my beard and my turban, my dress of piety and my trembling walking stick. Unfulfilled I beg to God, let me come close to the shadow, to the whisper of Your Beloved. To the hymn, to the song, to the praise sung by the lovers of Your Beloved. I am the broken chalice. I am the wandering mendicant, crying to come home, on the Peace Train towards You, o’ Ahad and Your Ahmad.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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