IMG_20150731_101647_resizedMy Secret, Only You
My best deeds are secret… My best words are never spoken,
My best poems will never be written,
My best love, He is always hidden…

He is with me, where no one else can be,
He always listens, He never turns away from me,
Before I call upon Him, He is already calling upon me,

My Lord, You blind me,
You make me deaf and mute,
Until nothing else matters
But You,

Not even me,

Until I see nothing… Only you.

How far can we fall down the rabbit hole, contemplating Him? He draws us near, leaving divine crumbs on the forest floor. But He warns, ‘Of My Essence, do not try to contemplate!’

Which is fine to me. For He has chosen to portray Himself through the mirror of love, of mercy, and of compassion. He has gilded what can be known of Him by us mere mortals, in a dress of beauty and desirability. God has made Himself desirable to us, however foolish and sinful we can be. Love calling upon the beloved servant.

And we move to Him through the guided guide, Nabi Muhammad (saws) Beloved Servant of God, none more in a state of humility and servanthood to Allah (swt), none more beloved and honoured by Allah Almighty and His Angels.

My rambling poetry has no meaning without the sign of love upon all creation, being none other than our Prophet Muhammad (saws). And even when the prose appears wholly enraptured to God’s Love alone, truth be told, God will look to us most favourably only when we present ourselves as a weakly sheep to His shepherd, a needful servant to His Beloved Servant, as one of the Nation of Muhammad, as people of moderation and the middle way – as taught to us by the Seal of the Prophets, Nabi Muhammad (saws).

Love? By God, may Nabi Muhammad (saws) the Beloved Servant show us its Hidden Realities. And let us not fall for facsimiles! I think this is a worthwhile quest to undertake. Don’t you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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