mamaA Soul Untamed
I am dissipated,
My atoms spread across the country mile
Across the hundreds of fathoms that lie
Between me and my child.

I am not myself,
My life torn from this world
Carried away in the womb whence I came,
The returning soul of my mother
Coming home to the divine light,
The governing flame.

The weary journey of my brother
Coming to a sudden end,
A voice unbroken,
A spirit untamed.

I am stretched across thousands of years,
Borne on a promise made before eternity,
An oath uttered from the parted lips
Of this foolish one,
Drawn to the Moon
Gloriously reflecting
The Light
Of the Only Sun.

IMG-20130915-WA0006(1)-3What is life and what is death? What is separation if it is one created by physical distance or one created by the passing of a soul from this reality to the eternal Hereafter? It is not the same, but it is not that far different, I reckon.

I find myself drawn to death so much nowadays, but Allah as my Witness, verily such contemplation makes me appreciate life so much more. Not life as a transient thing before the impending doom of death, but life as an eternal bouquet of Love’s declaration across the tapestry of infinite infinities and meanings.

We were born from Love…
We lived in Love…
And we shall return to Love…

This story is dedicated to anyone who is parted from his or her loved ones, whether separated by miles, or by worlds. Believe this sinner, my love, that a union awaits us all, at the bend of the road, just around the corner of our last hopeful breath.

19022012588wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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