Brave Enough to Surrender

Be Brave and Surrender
If you want servanthood, master yourself,
If you want knowledge, admit your ignorance,
If you want to be good, know that you are often wrong,
If you want something, anything, everything, seek nothing,
If you want a Homecoming, be a traveler,

If you want True Love, promise your heart to no other,

And if you want to win…?

Be brave, my soul, and surrender.

Meaning. Everything is known by its opposites, as the wise-cracking mystics often say. And indeed, the nobility of man, bravery in the face of danger, patience in the storm of troubles, compassion despite provocations, wit in the most trying of occasions… to gain all this and more, we are told to surrender. To submit… which is of course, the lasting meaning of Islam. And to what end? For our own happiness, surely and certainly.

Divine Presence. God would not have planned it any other way, I reckon. Loving you, loving us as He does… beyond our wildest, maddest hopes and dreams of His Love. For He desires our company. Us negligible shaft of a soul. How crazy are we to prefer any other engagement? Not knowing… not imagining the divine pleasure of the Lord’s companionship. It is for such weighty affairs do the mystics ceaselessly polish their soul and purify their manners – devotion and remembrance in worshipful intimacy. Through all the contradictions and contrarian nature that often animate our human experience… through the sweet and sour, the days and nights, the rights and wrongs, through all our hopes and fears. Each visceral moment, inexplicably resonating with the message – Remember Me, Remember Me, Remember Me…Camera 360

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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