I am not Rumi

I Am
I am not a bird,
Nor am I a pen,
I am not a word,
Nor am I a sword,
I am just a man,

I am not a priest,
Nor am I a king,
I am not a prince,
Nor am I a rose,
I am the thorn, you see,
And I prick and sting.

Where am I, sunshine? After 1,607 postings of dubious quality in the Sinners Almanac (first one on 3rd August 2010), I am now here. It feels strange being at a new place. But then again life often brings us to new vistas. And sometimes life does not disclose the hidden purpose until we get there. So rather than wait forever for me to understand the reason why I need to migrate my musings from my old blog, I will just do it (as Nike advices) and cast caution to the tempestuous wind blowing outside the window of my soul.window-407206_640

The funny thing about change is that it changes nothing… Except to reveal who we are for that moment in time. When that moment passes, who knows who we may be next?

But however I may disassemble, at least one thing I know for sure. And that is I am not Rumi.

I am just me.

Thus I wish to welcome you to my new abode, sunshine. May your stay here, however fleeting, bring a little baraqa and blessings to this untidy corner of the internet.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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