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THE CONSTANT LOVE. Yesterday evening my city was visited by a thunder storm, which reminded me of God’s power and brilliance. But truth be told, such thunderous display is but one example of His might, and one aurally and visually arresting. But what of His power which sustains and cherishes all of creation quiet like, without much fanfare – such as the power that animates electrons and atoms, the logic of mathematics, the very essence of light and the hidden attraction of gravity. All of which God Almighty does in an expression of the constancy of His love for His creation. Not for a moment does Allah (swt) linger or delay in His succour to us, thus why are we not just as attentive in our worship of our Lord and charity to our fellow creatures?


THE PROPHET. Surely, this is why we are called upon to follow in the sunnah (traditions) of our Prophet Muhammad (saws), in whose perfected adab (manners) we can witness a human being in a constant state of effacement to His Lord, while continuing to serve His Lord through service to His Lord’s creation. May we be reminded of our Nabi Muhammad’s loving constancy, so we may strive in our own constancy towards our beloved Lord!

SquirrelTreeTHE ALL ENCOMPASSING LOVE. God’s love for His creation is not just constant but also all encompassing. And no, not just for us silly humanity and djinn, but for everything – seen and unseen, temporal or spiritual, large or small, sentient or otherwise. Every atom, every electron, every squirrel in the tree, every bee in the hive, every pebble and stone, every sun and star, every galaxies in the night sky and beyond – all this and more are created and sustained with His divine love. And such is His Majesty than He can give His love to all without reducing one iota from His endless oceans of love!

THE GOLDEN CHAIN. This is love as is taught to the saliqas (seekers) by the Awliyas (saints) of Allah through out the ages. In a direct heart transmission of divine knowledge and adab, the  mureeds (students) of the tariqas (the Sufi Paths) are connected through their sheikhs (masters), to the mashaykhs (grandmasters) and ultimately to the Seal of the Prophets and the Master of the Saints, Nabi Muhammad Sayydina Miftahur Rahman (saws). Each interlocking chain in a golden chain that connects all of humanity from the lowest beggarly sinner to the Majestic Love, Mercy and Beauty that is our Lord Allah (swt).

25 July, 2011 2So hold me,sunshine. And don’t let go of me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


IMG_20160220_192000The Mountain
There is a mountain
Sitting on a vast plain,
You can approach it
Through many passes,
Walking in gullies, valleys
Or scrambling over hidden rocky ravines…

Along your approach
You will see the mountain again and again
In its many wondrous views,
Cloaked in a golden sunset
Or wreathed in a crown of clouds,
Standing in a winter blizzard,
Veiled in a midnight storm,
Sending avalanches down its base,
Or blooming a field of wild flowers
With mountain streams of summer,
Flowing down like a maiden’s tresses,
Beautiful beyond measure…

Glorious, beautiful, enchanting and majestic,
There sits the mountain on a vast plain,
Just that one mountain and no other,
Calling on you with its
Innumerable vistas and stories…

And you go, because you have no other choice,
Turning the mountain climb into
A homecoming to a home that
In truth…

You never really left.

mountain20climbing20man20wallpaper__yvt2The Motivation. When asked about their motivation to conquer mountains and risk severe injury or even death, many climbers will repeat that same old weather beaten cliche – Because it’s there.

The Mountain of God. There are many mountains out there in the world. If you are tempted, you can climb Everest, K2, the Ben Nevis or even my country’s Kinabalu. But however many physical mountains there are, the truth is there is actually only one true mountain, only one real and absolute mountain – The Mountain of God.

The Calling. For you see, the divine calling to ascend the divine mountain is coming from Him. And He is asking you to approach your spiritual goal with an empty heart, that God may pour His love and wisdom into you – To find and experience for yourself His Signs and His Reality – to wander and explore every corner of His revelations, and to see the countless variety of His Beauty, Love and Mercy, each view special just for you! Each understanding weighed with the Divine purpose of His creation – for you to approach and worship your Lord with gratitude and love.

mountain-climber-silhouette2Join Us. In this quest, in this climb, there is no guide better than the one chosen by Allah (swt) for you specifically for this task, and that guide is the Seal of the Messengers of God, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws).

You need not take this path alone. Indeed, it is highly recommended that you climb with a partner. The climb will be hard and a sustained effort is needed.

So will you continue in this climb with me, sunshine? Please…

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

HOLY HURT – The Illness of Existential Alienation

woman-umbrella-rain-art1The Real Illness
True sickness of humanity
Is when we do not yearn for God,
The absence of Divine Love
Animating our thoughts and deeds,
A malady that will test us
Whether we are
Sick or healthy,
Poor or wealthy,
Married or widowed,
Settled or traveling still,
White, black, brown or yellow skinned,
Famous, anonymous or a has-been.

25 July, 2011 2Holy Hurt. Profound is the hurt of existential alienation, when one feels divorced from the Universal Love that is God Almighty. But alas, sadder still is when we are not even aware of the true cause of our sorrow and melancholy. Laying instead the blame for our world-weariness to material causes and consequences.

Material Connection. Often such factors do play a part in our current condition, a sickness and sudden poverty will put a severe strain on our grasp of happiness. But such conditions are in truth mere signs and signals, pointing towards the One True Source of Joy and One Sole Reason for Sorrow – the reason for our very creation, and that is our Beloved Allah Almighty.

311766_10151127343404879_1431177460_nThe Prophet. We are teetering on the precipice of the unknown, prostrate before True Love’s Attraction. Thus, we turn to God, as shameless delinquents of His Law, not on our own accord but under the merciful shadow of His Beloved Muhammad (saws). For God is  in truth, truly unimaginable, but God has blessed all of creation with the manifestation of His Mercy to the Worlds in the light, spirit and body that is Muhammad Habibullah (saws), that we might come to our Lord through his holy inspired guidance.

…Muhammad (saws), the calming breeze, the assuring hand, the guiding lantern, the merciful forbearance that is the Seal of the Prophets, the Master of Saints, the Father of Souls. May Allah the Loving guide us to His Own Beloved!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


IMG_20160209_153626Absence & Presence
How painful is your absence
When your absence is felt!
How joyful is your presence
When your presence is felt!

I know that what I am asking
Is only for a feeling,

But I would take that feeling
Than all the treasures of the world!

Sick Notrumi. Poor us, poor humanity, poor old Notrumi. I have been unwell for almost 2 weeks, having caught a flu bug that has been plaguing my neighbourhood. But I found this sickness to be a respite of sorts. A break, a lull from the ordinary hustle and bustle that my ego and nafs (base desires) would have normally dragged me through. So I am thankful for this illness.

artflow_201602091201Slow is Good. For the slower speed of my thoughts and actions has allowed me to think a little longer, and sip a little more deeply from the fountain of my conscience… To weigh my many errors and mistakes, to reconsider my path, to relook my priorities and arrange for spiritual supplies that I will need in this journey we all share that we call life.

Feelings. And it is during this present malady that I realise my error – my strange neglect to actually feel when the most important person in my life is present or absent, meaning of course, God Almighty. Of course, at another level, absence or presence is a wholly mortal concept, but it is through such conditions do we sense our nearness or distance from God – from the Love, the Truth, the Mercy and Beauty that can only be Allah (swt) and His Beloved Apostle Muhammad (saws).

A two-edged sword. In a way, asking for a heightened sense of Divine Presence also means asking for a higher sense of Divine Absence. After all, isn’t everything known by its opposite? So now, is Notrumi really ready to wield a sword with two very sharp sides? The edges of which would cut through his petty piety like hot knife through butter? I know I will be burnt, I expect to be scalded. But alas, this fool is drawn to the perfume. To the closeness and intimacy. To the secret congress and loving caresses promised. Oh, Notrumi the Moth, how your wings will be singed by the flame!

But truth be told I am not that sword wielding moth… For I would not be writing this if I have experienced it. No, had I felt it already I would have kept the exquisite pleasure a secret, even from my prying mortal self, lest my ‘spiritual’ ego takes credit (as it is wont to do)! Certainly I will not be sharing my private affairs in a public blog. I do have some scruples, you know!

He he he.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way